My Grandpa’s Farm Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread Review

gluten free pumpkin bread
This is how my pumpkin bread turned out using My Grandpa’s Farm pumpkin spice bread mix – pictures don’t do it justice

Who doesn’t like pumpkin bread. I mean come on, it’s only the most delicious way to eat bread. I can’t think of any other at the moment that tops the spicy and moist deliciousness of pumpkin bread. It’s not just the onset of Fall that brings me to crave or ingest anything pumpkin. It’s on the menu, along with cranberry sauce and turkey, all year long. No joke. Don’t care if it’s 90 plus degrees out. I will gladly be dubbed the one crazy lady on the block that cranks her AC down just to satisfy my pumpkin or turkey cravings. Being gluten free can be a daily struggle to find foods that compare to what you once loved. However, even though the emotional struggle of being alienated from every place in town in which the holy grail of bread sits, pumpkin bread of course, is completely real and depressing there is hope for the gluten intolerant.

That hope is found in the gluten free products created by My Grandpa’s Farm, a family-owned business located in Minnesota dedicated to making gluten free mixes. Probably going to sound like a salesperson here, totally get this from my mom, but when I find something I believe to be amazing I have this tendency to want to tell everyone. This
stems from the fact that I have a lot of empathy for anyone that feels deprived of something they love because of uncontrollable circumstances. Most of my quest to find gluten free substitutes has been ridden with risk taking shopping excursions, where I’ve spent three times as much money to buy a product I might fail at making or one that tastes so freakishly dense I immediately want to toss it to the dogs. There are some truly horrible products out there and we’ve all tried at least one, only to be left wondering if we’d ever enjoy baked goods again.

When I took my first bite of My Grandpa’s Farm Pumpkin Spice Bread mix I actually felt a dampening in my eyes. I was like no fucking way! Is this really gluten free? Cursing is a must here. It was that good. It tasted similar to Panera Bread’s pumpkin muffies or muffins, but better because it’s moister, cheaper, and doesn’t give you horrendous gas. How much is one of those pumpkin muffies? About 1.59, without tax. So this loaf mix gives you 10-12 slices, similar to a muffie, for 7-9 bucks (depending on where you buy it). It would cost between 15-20 bucks to get that amount in muffies at Panera Bread, so it’s worth every penny and easy to bake…I know what you’re thinking though. Maybe you had a wheat flour pumpkin bread recipe you used to make that cost a fraction of this gluten free mix, but let’s just not think too much about that price analysis, because wheat flour is in the past now and we must move forward. Now, it’s not paleo, sugar, egg or dairy free, but it is organic. I made it exactly as the box said, so if you alter it for a healthier version please post your changes and results. I’m definitely curious to see if this would turn out just as delicious using coconut oil or a sugar substitute. Anyway, I froze half of it for later and it was still good after it thawed. My 2 year old and husband ask for it, but I don’t want to share. It’s so delicious it brings this primal level of greed out of me. I find myself thawing out a piece when no one else is around just so I can enjoy every bit of it. My husband took a chance buying this off of Amazon based off of the excellent reviews. However, it might be cheaper buying directly off their site. I did recently find it cheaper, along with many other awesome gluten free products, at a grocery chain called Hyvee out here in the Midwest.

I want you to smile…do a little dance, make a little bread…ok, you get the point. This is another win for the gluten intolerant. Yay!



2 thoughts on “My Grandpa’s Farm Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread Review

  1. Hi there! My name is Amy…and I actually own this company! Stumbled across your review today, and Thank You! Such kind words you have for our product! I just wanted to answer your question about using coconut oil in place of the butter…the answer is yes! It works out just like if you use butter! I use either or when I bake this or our banana bread! If you love pumpkin, you’ll absolutely love our pumpkin cake! But, if you’re into breads, our banana bread is one of our top sellers so you’ll love that as well! Again, thanks for taking the time to write about us! If you have any further questions, please email me at


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