Moon Rabbit Foods Gluten Free Focaccia and Pizza Mix Review

So Moon Rabbit Foods Focaccia and Pizza mix will make 3 thinner pizzas, but if you want a thick crust gluten free pizza use the whole package and make in a 9 x 13 pan. It’s so delicious! I have been craving a good thick crust pizza for years now and I think this brand makes an excellent one!

moon rabbit


Gluten intolerant people out there, young and old, can agree on one thing. Not being able to eat pizza sucks. I mean there are gluten free choices out there, but they aren’t always that satisfying. I have held back tears in the past watching my husband devour a slice of thick crust pizza, while I convince myself to be grateful for the partially charred, flavorless thin crust some restaurants pass off as a pizza crust. Hey at least they are trying to accommodate, but the reality of it is, if you want thick crust you might just have to make it yourself.

There are probably several ways to achieve a thick crust gluten free pizza, but for me this brand hits it out of the ball park. The crust is not dense, but fluffy and is similar to eating pizza bread. Don’t expect it to be chewy, crunchy, or crispy like greasy Pizza Hut thick crust. Because you’re making it from scratch the dough comes out softer, but packed with flavor and an enjoyable texture. You can customize it to your liking. I add Parmesan cheese, fresh herbs, and garlic powder to the dough mix and, OMG, it’s so good!

While this mix normally can yield 3 thinner pizzas, I prefer to use the whole package and make one super thick crust in a 9 x 13 pan. Read the instructions carefully because the printed directions on the back are for making one small pizza. You will need to triple your measurements to use the whole package. On the back of the package it will say to let the crust rise until double it’s size, but since you are using the whole package to make thick crust you might want to just let it rise a little less, unless you want a crust that’s almost 3 inches thick. Not to say that’s necessarily a bad thing, just depends on how thick you want it. For me, the thicker the better. Also, I make this differently by baking the crust 15 minutes first before I put the sauce and toppings on, then I put it in for another 15-20 minutes after the sauce and toppings are on. I find pre-baking helps to firm up the crust and keep it’s height without the sauce and toppings possibly sinking into the dough. To be honest I only do this because that’s what every other gluten free pizza brand I’ve made has recommended. Maybe next time I will just follow the directions exactly and not pre-bake the crust and see what happens.

The package is small, but you get a lot from it. Three small pizzas or focaccia or one large thick crust is a great deal for the price. I’ve also used the mix to make bread sticks. I make one focaccia in a round pan or 8 x 8 square pan, butter them, sprinkle with garlic and bake, then top with Italian herbs and Parmesan cheese. I imagine you could also use this dough base for a sweeter recipe as well, like cinnamon cake with a streusel topping. Whatever you decide to use it for you won’t be disappointed. Their baking mixes sure do hit the spot when you just need some comfort food. I haven’t had much luck finding their products in the major grocery chains here in the Midwest, but you should be able to find their stuff on Amazon.

Time to smile cause this is another win for the gluten intolerant. Woohoooo!



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