Moon Rabbit Foods Gluten Free Focaccia and Pizza Mix Review

So Moon Rabbit Foods Focaccia and Pizza mix will make 3 thinner pizzas, but if you want a thick crust gluten free pizza use the whole package and make in a 9 x 13 pan. It’s so delicious! I have been craving a good thick crust pizza for years now and I think this brand makes an excellent one!

moon rabbit


Gluten intolerant people out there, young and old, can agree on one thing. Not being able to eat pizza sucks. I mean there are gluten free choices out there, but they aren’t always that satisfying. I have held back tears in the past watching my husband devour a slice of thick crust pizza, while I convince myself to be grateful for the partially charred, flavorless thin crust some restaurants pass off as a pizza crust. Hey at least they are trying to accommodate, but the reality of it is, if you want thick crust you might just have to make it yourself.

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